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One Piece Odyssey livestream in preparation for its soon launch


One Piece Odyssey is the first highly anticipated game of 2023, and with its release date approaching, Bandai Namco decided to quickly showcase its gameplay and exploration.

The show below focuses on 3 elements that include story, combat, and an adventure element that encourages you to explore and learn about the world around you.

Below is a summary of the expected One Piece Odyssey game story:

During the Straw Hat Pirates’ voyage, this group is swallowed up by a huge storm at sea, along with their leader, “Monkey D. Luffy.” They end up on a mysterious island, but in the midst of the storm, they are separated from each other. The Straw Hat crew embarks on a new adventure journey full of wild wonders, formidable foes and bizarre encounters with the island’s locals.

It is noteworthy that the game One Piece Odyssey is coming on January 12, 2023 via PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and PC in the Steam store.

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