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New trailer for WWE 2K23


WWE champions are excited to try the WWE 2K23 wrestling game that is available this week

We’re only three days away from releasing WWE 2K23 worldwide across consoles and PC, which is why Visual Concepts and publisher 2K continue to promote the game in style. Today, we got a new trailer in which the WWE champions, headed by the famous wrestler “John Cena” and many WWE champions, take us on a suspenseful tour of what awaits us inside the game’s events.

It is noteworthy that the game WWE 2K23 is now available to try only for owners of the Icon edition, while it will be available to all owners of the Standard Edition on March 17. The game provides the opportunity to experience playing with more than 170 wrestlers, with many additions to this year’s release, whether in terms of gameplay or even modes of play.

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