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New Redfall story review


Today, Arkane Studio shared a new trailer for their upcoming game, Redfall, in which we take a look at the story of co-op gameplay and the end of the world.

The trailer, which is over three minutes long, begins with an optimistic message from a character named Ava, who says that a drop of her blood promises to free people from disease and death.

However, it seems that this dangerous experiment led to her death, while the extracted blood was not able to heal people and grant them immortality as Ava had hoped, but they were turned into vampires.

The game takes place after these vampires take over the town of Redfall, which soon collapses into a broken society led by gangs of savage monsters.

The clip also reviewed the most powerful vampires in the town of Redfall, and that the town is divided into four regions with vampire leaders at the head of each region, among them The Hollow Man, a winged vampire with prominent organs, Bloody Tom, a huge vampire, as well as Miss Whisper and Black Sun, who is the most powerful vampire of them all.

Arkane announced earlier this month that Redfall will support cross-play, meaning players can team up no matter what platform you’re playing on. Redfall is officially coming to Xbox Series X and PC on May 2.

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