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New game from Valve with “unique” gameplay


Valve hasn’t announced any new projects aside from Counter-Strike 2 coming this summer as a free update, but various reports indicate that an unannounced game has been in development for a while, and may be revealed later this year.

That information appeared on the designer’s account Boyang Zhu on LinkedInwhich confirmed his work on an unannounced title with Valve for several months, specifically since joining the company last January, on the other hand, he said Level designer Michael Anderson During his tenure at the company, he contributed to the development of an unannounced game that, as he describes it, had “unparalleled” gameplay.

Michael says he developed a bunch of puzzles for the unannounced game before leaving Valve, but he’s content with this amount of detail and hasn’t revealed the identity of the project.

We do not know the identity of the unannounced game yet, but talking about the puzzles and unique gameplay made some speculate that the title might be another part of the Portal game series that has been out of the limelight for a while.

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