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Mohamed Heneidy plays Kratos in the latest God of War Ragnarok commercial


The Arabic PlayStation channel on YouTube shared with us a new promotional advertisement for the game God of War Ragnarok, which presents the Arabic version of the promotional show “Only Parents Will Understand” with the participation of a group of the brightest art stars in the Arab world.

The star “Mohamed Heneidy” plays the role of Kratos in the commercial with the participation of Cyrine Abdel Nour and Saad Ramadan. All you have to do is ask the leader of the parental support group, Mohamed Heneidy, as he explains to “Saad Ramadan” and “Cyrine Abdel Nour” and their parents how the dynamic of the relationship between father and son in the game God of War Ragnarok can inspire us all to become better parents, especially when wearing Kratos clothes “.

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