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Meta is ending support for the original Quest VR headset


Meta has announced that it will end support for the original Quest virtual reality headset released years ago, but this does not mean that support will stop completely.

In an email sent to Meta Quest owners, the company announced that it will no longer be providing new features to the standalone virtual reality headset, however, the company plans to continue adding software and security updates through 2024.

Meta says Quest 1 owners will still be able to use compatible headsets and apps. However, these users will no longer be able to create or join a party, and in addition, original Quest owners will lose access to social features available on Meta Horizon Home starting March 5th. This includes inviting others to Meta Horizon or visiting someone else’s home.

The announcement comes as no surprise, as support for Meta Quest seems to have ended in recent months, and the clearest example of this was last July when Meta Police subsidiary BigBox VR announced that it would end Quest 1 support for its Population One shooter, although the developer offered Quest 1 owners are required to get a refund for the game, but this decision is limited to those who purchased the game within the past six months of this announcement.

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