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Marvel’s Avengers would have both She-Hulk and Captain Marvel


A few days ago, the Crystal Dynamics studio officially announced the cancellation of support for Marvel’s Avengers last September, more than two years after the launch of the game, and this decision came due to the problems that the game had encountered since its official availability, and it seems that the developer had plans to introduce characters And new additions, but they will not be available in the game.

Someone dug through Marvel’s Avengers game files and found canceled plans to add both She-Hulk and Captain Marvel to the game.

Miller shared on his Twitter account that within the data of update 2.7.2 released on January 24, the character Jane Foster interacts with both She-Hulk and Captain Marvel.

The dialogue for these two characters was entirely scripted but only appeared in the game’s files as text-to-speech voices, though a Marvel’s Avengers video leaked that at least some of She-Hulk’s dialogue was recorded last July.

All this indicates that She-Hulk and Captain Marvel will not be released as playable characters, especially with the end of game support on September 30th.

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