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Marvel Snap will get its long-awaited competitive battle mode in January


Marvel Snap will get its long-awaited competitive Battle mode on January 31st, as long as there are no “last minute issues”.

The news was revealed on the site The official Marvel SnapKent Eric Hagman, associate design director for developer Second Dinner, posted in a blog post UnityBlog More details of what players can expect.

The Marvel Snap’s Battle Mode, released as part of the v1.0 update, pits two opponents against each other across multiple rounds. Both players will start out with 10 HP and the goal is to get the other player’s HP down to 0 before they do the same to them.

Assuming there are no issues or delays, on January 31 the Series Drop will be released. in which certain Series 5 cards (the rarest cards) will go down to Series 4, and certain Series 4 cards will go down to Series 3. When Series cards go down, they become ’10 times more common in Reserves collectors, and [هي] Much cheaper in the token store.”

These releases will come every month, and the team will reward players who get their Seris 5 pass before it runs low with a First Edition Badge. But this feature will come later.

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