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Konami is teasing about new developments for a familiar series


As part of a New Year’s Eve article in Japan’s Famitsu newspaper, Atlus teased its work on upcoming new titles, Konami teased its upcoming plans, and teased new developments for a familiar series.

OK to translate GematsuKonami, the Japanese publisher, said:

This year is the Year of the Rabbit, so we plan to build strength and new developments for a familiar series with the aim of equipping it.”

The company also indicated that it is progressing deeply and quietly in several new projects that have not yet been revealed, and that it will share them with us at a later time.

Last year after many rumors, the publisher announced several new Silent Hill projects in development, Bloober is working on a Silent Hill 2 remake while NeoBards Entertainment is collaborating with Ryukishi07 for a new sequel to the series, Silent Hill f, and then there’s Silent. Hill: Townfall by Annapurna Interactive.

There is also a new rumor that there is a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake by Virtuous Studio, and the remake may be the announcement that Konami intends to reveal this year.

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