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John Wick: Chapter 4 movie review


John Wick Chapter 4 will be released in cinemas across the region on April 20, 2023.

From the moment Baba Yaga (the bogeyman) places the gold coin in front of Sharon at the Continental Hotel, a series of John Wick Immediately fascinating legend: a universal game of chess where an ancient law puts those who serve a board The High Table Bad guys vs. looking to throw bodyguards weighing more than 150kg across that same table. And in the fourth chapter of this story, John Wick’s vengeance forces a council Table On entering open warfare, the film thrives on John’s acceptance of the fact that even he can’t win that war on his own. It is the rules and consequences that concern the universe John Wick With its foundation, it provides the fourth season with a solid foundation that allows director Chad Stahelski and star Keanu Reeves to present a symphony of action on the screen, with each component contributing to the upliftment of the rest. It is the longest film in the series, and the most soulful and elemental among them John Wick. It is the best movie John Wick between them.

There is an early maneuver on John’s part which forces the organization High table On Crossing the Point of No Return: Wick should set an example for the unconsidered, and that task falls to Bill Skarsgard’s Marquis de Grammont. And with Skarsgard, you get a chain John Wick On the first supervillain. He is a figure steeped in hypocrisy as the emissary of the High table With every word emanating from his mouth in a French accent. And unlike Santino D’Antonio from Chapter 2and whose advantage he gains over John is of a personal nature (an unpaid blood debt), the sadistic Marquis uses the power of High table As if Darth VaderAnd the brutal style he enjoys executing goes a long way in making him an ideal enemy for John and his cohorts. The bureaucracy has long hid High table Behind psychics like Winston (Ian McShane) and The AdjudicatorAnd Skarsgard does a great job of fleshing out the decadence and squalor that permeates the organization while becoming more intense the higher the ranks.

Establishes Chapter 4 With the strength of John Wick’s personality, he is a true match for the character of Neo V The Matrix As part of Keanu Reeves’ unparalleled lineup of action heroes. The intense anger John Wick developed in Part One after his wife’s death has evolved into something even more deadly: grit and focus. Reeves embodies these traits with uncompromising restraint, and does it so perfectly that the few jokes he makes or actions that might raise eyebrows seem to come naturally from the character and are not designed to represent any ideas or formulas of the genre.

The contributions of Reeves (not to mention Stahelski’s) to the success cannot be underestimated The MatrixBut it always seemed like movies Wick It is a personalized celebration of the actor’s dedication to the intense world of action. The pure excitement of watching John Wick’s ongoing battle to regain his soul is pretty cool and becomes even more satisfying when we consider that the film stems from Reeves’ love of the series.

Of all the excellent new additions to the cast, Donnie Yen as Kane stands out.

may be John Wick is the name of the series, but his journey has increasingly emphasized the importance of social contracts and shared histories. And it flourishes with famous personalities in Chapter 4. Winston and Sharon (Lance Reddick) and Bowie King (Laurence Fishburne) act as John’s advisors, and although Riddick and Fishburne’s presence is limited to a few scenes, their impact is multiplied by the cast’s charisma and stellar performances of their characters. Even though Winston shoots John off the roof of the Continental at the end Chapter 3 (Which no one holds him against, it’s like causing someone to accidentally stumble into this world), but he continues to be a surrogate father to John, and McShane’s confidence cements the legend of John Wick while preserving the Director’s reputation. Continental is the smoothest client in this game.

Of all the excellent new additions to the cast, Donnie Yen as Kane stands out. He is an imposing antagonist presented as a long-time contemporary of Luic, whose reluctance to carry out the Marquis’s orders without question reflects John’s refusal to serve blindly. This similarity lends an unexpected amount of sympathy to their encounters, but it doesn’t stop Kane from pursuing John with all his might. Yin’s amiable demeanor and brutal efficiency give him his own style and agility, and Kane’s unbridled prowess in battle results in exhilarating, hilarious knockouts.

Also joining the mix is ​​Shamir Anderson’s nameless tracker, an agent who bears the heavy burden of owning a dog in a movie. John Wick. The Tracker’s shifting alliances, his fighting skills, and his close relationship with his dog provide wonderful tension and uncertainty for the tracker Chapter 4 Which is used when an unpredictable element is needed in order to spice up Wick’s progression. There is also Klaus, and I want to highlight this character here. I will say two things about him: he is a big guy and his name is Klaus. Although his participation in the film takes less time than I spent talking about it here, I assure you that you will notice it clearly and will not forget it at all.

In an era of growing complaints about films that are longer than two hours, the fast pace of the movie Chapter 4 She responds to all the protests to say that the films should be as long as you need them. Over the past three seasons of the series Wick, director Chad Stahelski has developed a sharp knack for knowing when to scurry through a room full of massive characters in high definition and when to let him and us viewers enjoy the gore he can unleash in his most intimate encounters. Stahelski’s attention to detail runs through every element of the action V.I.E.L.D Chapter 4 Tangible here, perfectly conveyed through the screenplay by Shay Hattin and Michael Finch.

I hope you’re excited to see a lot of neck shooting, because you’re leaving Chapter 4 And you feel completely satisfied.

For example, it is revealed early in the movie through dialogue that forces High table The one who’s after John Wick now wears head-to-toe impenetrable armor, something I’ll admit looks like something straight out of a video game. But Stahelski responds to this with action rather than dialogue, as armored foes force Wick to modify his traditional strategy of shooting people on whatever part of their bodies it takes most. I hope you’re excited to see a lot of neck shooting, because you’re leaving Chapter 4 And you feel completely satisfied. Likewise, homemade incendiary bullets are introduced in passing dialogue… which you’ll instantly remember when you first see an unlucky criminal being hit by them. Calling a movie that runs nearly 3 hours “economical” might be an understatement, but nothing is wasted in the movie. Chapter 4.

may be blockade High table The long run of the Continental Hotel in Osaka is the single best action scene in a movie John Wick So far, we’d say this series has already outperformed every other competitor in that category. Stahelski expertly balances multiple perspectives on offense, maintaining the momentum of each character’s efforts through an extended bloodbath. gave us Chapter 3 A peek at what happens when a Continental Manager overrides the commands of the Continental TableBut as Winston’s slick counterpart, Koji Shimazu (Hiroui Sanada) faces their wrath with unwavering conviction.

Stahelski uses Shimazu’s relationship with his daughter Arika (Rina Samayawa) to highlight what morals are like in a world full of killers, and Sanada delivers an impressive performance whether in tender, tender moments with his daughter or when holding a sword in his hands. What makes the Osaka scene even more satisfying is how it reinforces the theme of friendship in Chapter 4: Wake does not try to escape from the Table Quickly or sneakily, he even goes for maximum damage, and only because he knows he is responsible for bringing this mess to his friend’s doorstep. The close relationship between action and John’s inner state is beautifully displayed in the tense chase around the Arc de Triomphe, which takes place while John is at his most turbulent. The film’s most effective action scenes reflect and enhance the character as well, and it’s unforgettable Chapter 4 Never.

For a series known for its visual splendor, the Chapter 4 Sets a new standard for production design and cinematography. Locations across Osaka, Paris, Berlin and New York have distinct architectural qualities that allow director of photography Dan Lausten various opportunities to immerse the characters in the neon colors of the series. The ultra-modern lighting fixtures in Continental Osaka, the warm street lamps in Paris, the Manhattan sunset that cuts across the long bank of shadows in the Marquis’ office give every movement in the story a clear color palette that gives each city a unique visual identity and makes us recognise a place. John’s presence exactly. And bolstering it all is the upbeat soundtrack from Tyler Bates and Jules J. Richard, which follows the transition Chapter 4 from culture to culture and blend with action in ways that either intensify or subvert big moments to great effect.

Translated by Dima Muhanna

It may seem like an impossible task, but Baba Yaga has a history of making it happen: John Wick: Chapter 4 transcends its predecessors, and the action films of the past decade as a whole, into becoming a modern epic, something Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski have been building toward since 2014. Exploding Wick’s World War with action design and creative cinematography full of excitement is reinforced by the wonderful performance of a prominent and unforgettable group of allies and villains, most notably Bill Skarsgard, all without losing the emotional side of the film that leaves John’s struggle for redemption at the heart of every bullet fired and every sword made waving it.

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