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John Carpenter hints at Dead Space


Horror legend John Carpenter seems to really love Dead Space, as the director of The Thing, Halloween, and Escape From New York has spoken about it extensively in the past, and while expressing his love for the series, John may have unintentionally underlined a shift. The series was turned into a motion picture prior to the project’s official unveiling.

In an interview with Variety, John said that he had always wanted to work on Dead Space, before saying that there is another director working on the project and that he was not involved in the artwork, which means that a movie inspired by the horror game has been in the works for a while and has not been announced. distance.

“I already mentioned to them that I would like to do a Dead Space movie, but I’m not going to do it,” the director said. in January.”

It is likely that we will hear official news about the upcoming Dead Space movie after the launch of the expected remake on January 27th.

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