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IO Interactive studio opens a new branch in Istanbul


The star of the IO Interactive studio has become shining recently, after it presented us with new parts of the Hitman series that achieved great popularity in the global market, and for this reason the studio continues to expand its developer base, and here it is establishing its fourth team.

Today, IO Interactive announced the opening of a new headquarters in Istanbul, which is, as I mentioned, the fourth of the studio’s teams, which joins the previously established teams in Copenhagen, Malmö, and Barcelona. The developer stated that the new site is unique in and will play an important role in the continued growth and success of IO Interactive, and here is the studio’s statement below:

IOI Istanbul’s mission is to create a center for AAA game development in the region and create unique gaming experiences for our players around the world, and it will play an important role in the development process of Project 007 and the recently confirmed Project Fantasy, future Hitman projects that will not enter production for some time.

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