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IO Interactive says that the Hitman series will be taking a short break in order to focus on the next James Bond game


IO Interactive has announced that it is putting the Hitman series on hiatus, as the developer wants to put all its focus on the long-awaited James Bond game.

According to what he said PC GamerChristian Elverdam, chief creative officer of IO Interactive, told the website Eurogamer It may be a while before fans of the Hitman series get a new installment in the series, even though they are still working on updates for Hitman: World of Assassination. Christian said:

At the moment there isn’t a major new Hitman game, we’re kind of on a hiatus, because we’re working on the much-anticipated James Bond game, which is also taking up a lot of our time. But we will obviously go back to Agent 47 as it is still the heart of this studio.

James Bond game doneTo be announced in 2020and currently codenamed Project 007, but very little has been revealed since then, though we know it will have an original story.

It was also revealed at the time that the game was being developed in collaboration with MGM Studios, the developer of the Bond films, and Eon Productions. The game’s release date or voice actors have not been revealed at the time of this writing.

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