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Hogwarts Legacy will have more than 100 side quests that affect the main story


We are no longer separated from the release of the Hogwarts Legacy game, which will come to us early next month, and therefore the game developer continues to promote it, either with clips and advertisements, or to reveal more details of the game, the most important of which is the impact of side missions on the main story of the game.

As the creative director, “Moira Square,” indicated during her conversation with the site GamesRadarHogwarts Legacy will introduce more than 100 side quests, which can affect the course of the game’s main story. Moira said:

The main story is complex and engaging, involving a variety of different characters and viewpoints, but by giving the player moments of choice throughout the game we allow them to tell their version of that epic story. Side missions There are more than 100 of them that allow the player to manipulate the main story, thanks to the experiences they have gone through.

Interacting with someone in a side mission will affect how you interact with them in the main story and vice versa, and even the order in which the player chooses to complete these missions will affect their story and gameplay, everything is interconnected. There is probably a perfect path for side quests to get specific results, but we’ll have to play for ourselves and see.

Hogwarts Legacy is officially coming on February 10 for current generation devices and PC, while it will be available on April 4 for old generation devices, and the Switch version will be launched on July 25.

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