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Hogwarts Legacy sold over 12 million copies in its first two weeks!


Hogwarts Legacy has sold more than 12 million units since its debut earlier this month, making it the largest worldwide launch for Warner Bros. Games. Games at all.

Hogwarts Legacy sales figures have been revealed along with Warner Bros.’s profits. Discovery, which saw the company lose about $2.1 billion, makes Hogwarts Legacy, once controversial in its own right, a rare bright spot for the company’s financials today.

In addition to the huge sales figure, Warner Bros. Games $850 million in sales worldwide and 1.28 million concurrent viewers on Twitch, a new record for a single game.

Developed by Avalanche Software under the Portkey Games label, Hogwarts Legacy allows players to roam a complete version of Hogwarts Castle on next generation platforms.

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