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Hogwarts Legacy is the most requested game on Steam


Everyone knows the value of the Harry Potter film series, which made many fans of this magical world eagerly wait for the Hogwarts Legacy game to enter an experience full of magic spells, and it seems that Steam store users are very excited to try the game, to the point that the game has become the number 1 game in the list of requests and desires at the store.

According to a tweet by Benji-Sales on his official Twitter account, Hogwarts Legacy has become the most requested and wishlisted game on Steam, and he notes that he’s also heard that pre-orders for the game across consoles are very high.

Benji-Sales confirmed that if the quality of the game is good, the game will achieve a very strong launch.

The Hogwarts Legacy game will be officially released on February 10th on Xbox Series, PS5, and PC, while the Xbox One and PS4 versions will be available on April 4th, and the Nintendo Switch version will be launched on July 25th.

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