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Here’s the list of games leaving PlayStation Plus Extra this month

The games of the highest subscription category for the PlayStation Plus service are replaced periodically, as the new list is expected to be launched in the middle of this month, which is the same date for leaving a package of titles that have been available to subscribers over the past months.

Starting January 17th, the list of games below for PS4 will be phased out and only available to play again when purchased separately, so you still have 3 days to catch up on what you missed.

The list includes the following titles:

  • Bound by Flame
  • The Council
  • Electronic Super Joy
  • Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek
  • The Last Tinker: City of Colors
  • Leo’s Fortune
  • Masters of Anima
  • Seasons After Fall
  • Shines: The Lightning Kingdom
  • Space Hulk: Tactics

Sony announced via Official PlayStation Blog About the list of upcoming free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in January 2023, which will be available starting January 17th, including Back 4 Blood and DMC 5.

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