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Half of connected fridges, ovens or washing machines are not connected to the internet


According to a survey by wall street journalhousehold appliances are not connected to Wi-Fi

Launching a machine that you forgot to program on your way to work. Check on your mobile the contents of your refrigerator while shopping. Stop Sunday chicken cooking remotely. Manufacturers of connected household appliances compete in imagination to offer functionalities that are supposed to simplify the lives of their customers. But, a bit like the oven clock that is never on time, these functions are often perceived by consumers as very dispensable gadgets.

According to a survey of wall street journal, less than half of the connected appliances sold by LG are connected to Wi-Fi. Whirlpool claims that this figure is more than 50%, without giving further details. And if they can be connected during delivery, these devices will not necessarily be connected in the event of a move, a change of Internet service provider or simply a breakdown.

A way to sell more

This is a problem for appliance manufacturers, who rely on connecting their devices to sell more spare parts. The purchase of water filters for American fridges is thus, at LG, much higher for those who have connected their device: they receive notifications when it is time to change them.

Connected devices can also be used to sell subscriptions. In short, to create new recurring revenue lines for purchases that only take place every five to ten years. But it is still necessary that their customers find an interest in it.

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