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Frontiers of Pandora is looking for Monetization Professionals


Ubisoft Massive is working on two great projects, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and a new title in the Star Wars universe, and while it’s unknown if they have service game models or online support, it looks like both will be monetized in one way or another.

A new roster of monetization specialists has just been scouted at Massive Entertainment in Malmö, Sweden, and the studio says their role is to “contribute to the financial success of our games, shaping strategies that enhance profitability while respecting our players and the essence of each game.”

The job posting states that they should learn to “generate additional revenue in the fairest, most value-added manner possible through secondary store items, monetization systems, live events – and more – as you participate in multiple projects”.

They will also “monitor the monetization, engagement and KPI monetization strategies of three Ubisoft projects”.

Ubisoft announced that the first-person open-world adventure game Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has been delayed until at least April 2023.

This news was revealed during a report Ubisoft’s fiscal first quarter, as the game has been delayed to Ubisoft’s 2023-24 fiscal year, which begins next April. No further specific time frame was given for the release.

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