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Forspoken will have a new broadcast on January 23rd


Yesterday, we reported to you in previous news the disclosure of the date of the Forspoken game reviews that come to us from the Luminous Productions studio, and that it will be available a day before its release on the market, that is, on January 23, and it seems that we will get a final broadcast of the game as well at the same time.

The developer, Luminous Productions, announced a new broadcast of the Forspoken game, which will take place on January 23, at exactly two o’clock in the evening, Saudi time, and during the broadcast we will see a new clip of the gameplay, with the appearance of the representatives of the Japanese version of the game, namely “Umika Shoji” and “Satoshi Mikami”, in addition to Game director Takeshi Aramaki and producer Akio Ohfuji are present.

It is noteworthy that the Forspoken game is officially coming on January 24 for PS5 and PC owners.

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