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Forspoken Game Space for PS5 Revealed


The final Forspoken game space for PS5 has been revealed, shortly before studio Luminous Productions’ game comes to market.

According to the PlayStation Game Size page, which specializes in disclosing the sizes of PlayStation games on Twitter, the Forspoken game for the PS5 platform is 87.3 GB with confirmation of the launch of the pre-load on January 22, while no details were mentioned about the first day update or its expected space.

Forspoken takes advantage of the PS5’s SSD storage to “literally” fast-travel through its action, as it takes less than a second to get from one area to another in the vast world of Athena.

The feature of fast travel in record time is not exclusive to the PS5 version, it also works efficiently on the PC, but it takes approximately 1.9 seconds depending on the DirectStorage feature and M.2 SSD storage units.

Luminous Productions also confirmed that players are free to explore the world of Athena after the main game’s story concludes, stating that the end-game content is satisfying and includes dungeons, sub-quests, and more.

Forspoken is officially coming to PS5 and PC on January 24, 2023.

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