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Forsaken has been accused of using Elden Ring cartoons and other games from FromSoftware


On March 10, Archangel released its new game, Blaak Faith: Forsaken, whose developer was soon accused of using animations from FromSoftware games, including Elden Ring, in the game.

According to a report PC GamerThe Bleak Faith: Forsaken animation has some striking similarities to FromSoftware titles, of course, Elden Ring and Dark Souls.

where it was compiled A collection of such examples Including an enemy with a large sword in Bleak Faith that has similar attacks to the boss Abyss Watchers from Dark Souls 3, and there’s also a character with similar animations and animations to Malenia from the Elden Ring.

Last weekend a Twitter user accused the developer of Bleak Faith: Forsaken of using AI to create the boss avatars, and Archangel Studios explained at the time that the use of AI-generated images was an oversight and that the studio would work on them again.

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