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First look at Handler’s class in Remnant 2 – Coverage by IGN First


It may be barren land Remnant 2 A dreary place. But for those who’d rather not enter it on their own, there is a category HandlerIt is a class that gives you a very reliable companion dog. My loyal friend and I have fought our way through countless bad guys, and even some bosses, before asking lead designer Ben Cureton to tell me all about a class. Handler by itself.

Ben said: “The idea you bring is class Handler It is that I will always have someone to support me, cooperate with me, work together, and destroy the great enemies. I can draw enemies towards him, and he can draw enemies towards me.”

Each time you switch between these options, the dog bandana changes color to reflect the role it is currently playing.

Class is designed Handler Mainly for those who want to play Remnant On their own, a support class that made me a little better at everything with the help of a very helpful dog. Not only does the dog have a large health meter and constantly draws attention away from me during battle and helps me finish off enemies with his deadly teeth, but also one of 3 modes can be selected depending on the strategy you use. The first situation is Guard Dog (guard dog), in which he acquires the ability to howl and draw attention towards him from every enemy in the area, while putting Support Dog (Support Dog) He can heal me and my allies within an area of ​​effect. Of course, if I want to unleash my attack, I can activate a mode Attack Dog (attack dog) and gives him a greater ability to deal damage. Best of all, every time you switch between these options, the dog’s bandana changes color to reflect the role it’s currently playing.

I was also able to direct my companion to different parts of the battlefield using a system ping. If I want him to stay close to me and defend me, I can summon him to my side with the press of a button, but if I’m sneaking around preparing to ambush a group of enemies, I can launch my friend at my enemies and tell him to run to a specific part of the map to attack.

But here is where the class awesomeness begins Handler By appearance, the strongest feature this class possesses is hidden behind the Master Perk, which is a special ability available only to people who make this class the primary of their character. As Ben explained: “One of the cool things about Class Handler She is his main franchise, which is called Bonded. And what he does Bonded is that every time the Handlerthe dog comes to him, as long as I have Dragon HeartHe’ll take it out of my bag and use it on me and revive me, which is pretty cool.”

I have to admit that not worrying about healing (since my loyal friend was always by my side ready to revive me) was a weight I unburdened and made playing solo more palatable. But if I’m playing with others, class Handler She also has a lot of abilities that allow me to support my friends. For example, if my ally displays a class Gunslinger If attacked by tentacled aliens, I could direct my dog ​​to go and fight it, or at least lure it towards it. I could even have my dog ​​revive allies that had fallen prey to the enemy and needed to Dragon Heart.

I usually don’t get too deep into support classes and would rather rely on my teammates than NPCs, but I admit that a class Handler I was impressed. Not only was it fun to play with, but the dog was awesome and managed to take and deal a lot of damage as well in the version I played. Which makes sense, because Ben told me he hates when the support classes are weak in RPGs, and I agree.

We’ll have more on that Remnant 2 with continued coverage IGN First Exclusive throughout the month of March!

Translated by Dima Muhanna

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