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Filming a brutal Fast X fight scene with no director


After the first official Fast X trailer was revealed in February, viewers quickly took notice of a fistfight scene between returning actresses Michelle Rodriguez and Charlize Theron. Nearly two months later, Rodriguez revealed that this scene was filmed without a director.

In an interview with Vanity FairRodriguez discussed her role in Fast X and revealed that this scene was shot during the film’s transition between the two directors.

She said, “Can I tell you…and I don’t mean to play games, but Charlize is a beast. We filmed the fight scene.” [في Fast X] without a way out.”

And according to a Vanity Fair report, the film’s original director, Justin Lin, left early in the production process, due to a fight with Vin Diesel. This caused the film to be left without a director for a week before Louis Leterrier came on in his place.

Rodrigues added: “Wow, kudos to us, we managed to film it. We were there, we don’t need to.” [مخرج]Let’s do this. Output two, come on. We kept that train running until Louie came in and took over. She is a consummate professional, determined, and has a high work ethic.”

It is reported that Fast X will be shown in theaters on May 19, and it will be the penultimate movie in the series. Vin Diesel recently hinted that the series would bid farewell to the late Paul Walker’s character in Fast X.

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