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Fallen Dynasty – Coverage by IGN First


We’re starting 2023 on a high note with coverage of our next action game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty From Team Ninja within IGN First for the month of January. And that is if you love death, because you will be exposed to it a lot. Stay tuned for our exclusive coverage throughout the month of the game soulsborne This is based on Chinese martial arts, and is developed by the team behind games like Ninja Gaiden And the Nioh.

First we have 10 minutes of exclusive gameplay from a stage tianzhushan that comes early in the game. The beautiful mountain scenery and lush bamboo forests are breathtaking, but with bloodthirsty enemies around every corner, it might be best not to spend too much time enjoying the scenery.

With items hidden atop boulders that can be accessed using a double jump and secret passages that can be discovered by cutting down bamboo trees, the stage tianzhushan It is a good example of diversified exploration in Wo Long.

The video also shows how to play the Staff weapon for the first time.

In this video, we show the weapon of the Staff For the first time too. The Staff It is a symbol of traditional Chinese martial arts, and is one of the 13 types of bladed weapons in China Wo Long Which enhances acrobatic body movement.

Scary mermaids and creepy tigers are back from the demo, but we’re surprised to find new enemies including a giant monkey and a hedgehog-like creature with an attack reminiscent of the wheelmonk in a Nioh. Inside a scary cave, we were suddenly attacked by an enemy that we still have nightmares about. Check out the video to see for yourself!

issued Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on March 3 on PC PS5 And the PS4 And the Xbox Series X|S And the Xbox One And the PCIt will also be available via Xbox Game Pass From day one! Stay tuned for more new content around Wo Long Throughout the month of January.

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