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Fallen Dynasty – Coverage by IGN First


We finish covering IGN First For the month of January for the game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Back at the beginning, where we take a look at the opening scene of the game.

In the clip, we hear a man talking about an elixir that was sought after by the kings of ancient China. This elixir could grant immortality, but its power was extremely dangerous, and it became the cause of conflicts and political intrigue over the years.

It is known that the ancient leaders of China were in fact looking for an elixir of life like this, but it seems that the elixir is real in the latest action game from Team Ninja.

After the first stage of the battle against Zhang Liangwhich is the boss we saw in the demo Wo Long Last year, we see him swallow the elixir and become a demon. The demons that roam the imaginary land of China could be from Team Ninja Revived by elixir. Of course this is just speculation, but it will be interesting to see that in the full game, which comes out on March 3rd on PC PS5 And PS4 And Xbox Series X|S And Xbox One And PCIn addition to being available through the service Xbox Game Pass From the first day.

Check it out Our final impressions About the game, and Don’t forget to watch the region’s gameplay video tianzhushan, and video Boss battle with AoyeIn addition to Detailed article about weapons in the game. Beside Showcasing high level gameplay.

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