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Evil Dead Rise movie review


Evil Dead Rise hits theaters across the region on April 20.

It’s no easy feat to write and direct a new installment of a beloved horror series, though Lee Cronin makes it look very easy with Evil Dead Rise. His style is distinguished by this sequel to the famous series about the creatures of the Deadites And the guns Boomstick With evil and cruelty that reaches the level of a Fede Alvarez remake Evil Dead Which was released in 2013, and opens the door for the next parts to explore the world in exciting ways, and makes the movie own its place in the series as an explosive independent horror movie. Cronin’s ability to put his own spin on iconic elements of the series Evil Dead (Like the close-up shots from the perspective of the terrifying creatures made famous by Raimi) render Rise A three-headed beast in itself. It’s brutally terrifying, with hilarious moments, and full of raw cruelty.

Find Rise A comfortable compromise between film Evil Dead Brutal from 2013, Sam Raimi’s trilogy features a sense of humor. Cronin’s special effects team defies the most vicious distortion scenes in the entire series with horrific practical effects like glass squirting from bodies or elevators spurting blood. movie can Rise Somehow from keeping up with the 265,000 liters of blood that Fede Alvarez used in a movie Evil Dead 2013, according to reports, and at the same time engage in a more impactful and shocking battle against the Deadites Recalling some of the comedic elements that have characterized Raimi’s films, the film uses that dark sense of humor to contrast its darker moments.

Alyssa Sutherland stars as single mother Ellie, the newly infected first shifter Deadite. After her wonderfully terrifying transformation into this demonic creature filled with evil, she manages to manipulate Mother’s endearing voice as a sinister trick to mock any glimmer of her soul that still lurks within her. Sutherland makes some horrifying yet hilarious statements, such as “Mama’s with worms now!” Which leaves an even stronger effect when accompanied by that terrifying, rotting smile. She gives a terrifying performance as a creature Deadite By enduring puke-inducing body horror as she laughs maniacally around the tossed corpses.

progress Sutherland Terrifying performance as a creature Deadite By enduring physical terror during her maniacal laughter.

But a movie Rise It does not present direct comedic elements such as Evil Dead IIThe general atmosphere is very tense. Cronin offers a book Necronomicon in a new and different form, which has jagged teeth like a flycatcher plant, and it shoots the same outrages Deadite cruel to Ellie’s three children and her sister, Beth. Neighbors stuck on the same floor as Ellie’s apartment provide fuel for the body count to sustain the many killings, but it is her family that withstands most of the physical, psychological and surreal attacks that turn everything into a bloody weapon from cheese graters to sharpened sticks with doll heads. Lily Sullivan stars as Beth, the tough heroine versus the villainous L Deadite Ellie, along with Morgan Davis as apprentice arranger Danny, Gabrielle Echols as energetic Bridget, and Neil Fisher as Cassie, all take on challenges with wonderfully diverse performances that suit every situation, whether it be pure fear, family loss, or whatever the emotion runs. to it the story.

Cronin loses no effects Necronomicon brutality by moving away from the isolated woodland setting and moving into a crowded apartment building in Los Angeles. Similar to the way a movie is used Scream VI For New York City as a neo-urban backdrop to the familiar Ghostface attacks, the Rise the brutality of the Deadite Famous for being inside the claustrophobic walls of small apartment rentals with few rooms. Instead of roads or bridges rendered unusable, the damaged building becomes a death trap made up of collapsed staircases, broken elevators and exposed wires that look like tree vines, apparently a reference to well-known scenes from Evil Dead And Evil Dead II And Evil Dead (2013). Cronin is clever and subtle about the ways he pays homage to images from the previous films without being overtly repetitive, deftly pulling off the challenge of presenting how the curse of the Necronomicon Satanism of chaos in a more densely populated place.

The movie presents a set of actions Deadite So terrifyingly extreme that no spectacle would allow us to take our breath away.

For an indie horror movie, that’s it Rise Brings great energy by offering a group of verbs Deadite So terrifyingly extreme that no spectacle would allow us to take our breath away. When Ellie is inside her apartment, we see her crawling out of the air vents in a style reminiscent of the terrifying wall scene in hereditary Or she frantically runs around the apartment, trying to kill her loved ones. And when she’s stuck outside, we watch through a peephole at the front door as this possessed mother murders her neighbors as if she were on a regular picnic. Cronin maintains a brisk pace as he squirts every unthinkable fluid from bodies or massive amounts of blood spurt from wounds, all while Ellie does her chores. Necronomicon gladly. easy going movie Rise Ascendingly, as the ferocity and violence increase in a more bloody and heinous way, and this is even before Cronin takes us to the third chapter, which presents us with a new villain in the series, which has the terrible characteristics that the series encourages.

when it stumbles Rise It’s in some of the smaller story choices, like presenting Beth as an expectant mother (Cronin takes some of the maternal tension from his first movie). The Hole in the Ground) and provide new symbols distinguish the book of Necronomicon This new. I don’t mean here that any of these aspects fail, but they don’t seem insignificant once you get started Evil Dead And heads start to roll.

But if we put these small negatives aside, the Rise It offers everything lovers want Evil Dead and more. Cronin puts a lot of subtle allusions on the pizza boxes and log carts parked in the garage as symbols for those who love Ash Williams, but he does his best to keep the Rise Its just a movie Evil Dead last. It delivers what we’ve come to expect from a movie Evil Dead Through intense gore and excessively diabolical elements that push the series forward with a touch of renewal for future decades of series supremacy Evil Dead creative.

Translated by Dima Muhanna

This new chapter in the Evil Dead series is a huge success no matter how we look at it. Evil Dead Rise delivers a great blend of the elements we love about the series with a fresh storyline and endlessly entertaining horror. Lee Cornyn brings Evil Dead to life that is full of disgusting gore and atmospheric. And though it occasionally stumbles when introducing new Necronomicon elements or when focusing on motherhood themes, that hardly dents its frantic pace, with the cast delivering solid performances through the bloody scenes and the quieter moments of the story (which are few and far between). Rise takes risks that pay off, leaving us wanting more, and that’s all there should be in a new installment in the Evil Dead series.

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