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Episode 2 of The Last of Us confirms a big fan theory


Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us, Episode 2.

After the first episode of The Last of Us was released on HBO last week, fans have formed a theory about how the global spread of the Cordyceps fungus infection began. And thanks to some events in Episode II, the popular theory seems to have been confirmed.

As observant fans noticed in the first episode, Joel, Sarah, and Tommy barely managed to avoid eating flour-containing products. For example, Sarah didn’t make pancakes for Joel for breakfast for his birthday, the characters refused to eat biscuits from the neighbours, Sarah didn’t eat the cake she baked at the neighbour’s house, and Joel forgot to buy himself a birthday cake after a long day at work.

This led to a long post being posted across Reddit indicates that the initial cordyceps fungus outbreak was spread by contaminated flour. The second episode opens with a long scene in 2003 Jakarta at the beginning of the pandemic. The scene focuses on a mycologist who sees the onset of a Cordyceps infection up close. She eventually discovers that the strange events began at a nearby flour mill, confirming the fan theory.

And if there was any doubt left about this interpretation, it was confirmed by the series’ general supervisors, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, in an interview with Variety.

Mazin said, “When you talk [عالمة الفطريات] About where these people worked and what was going on in that factory, yeah, obviously that’s what’s going on. We like the idea of ​​this side of science, and we’re doing everything we can to make sure our research is all connected. you ask [عالمة الفطريات] Where did it happen, says the guy at a flour mill on the west side of town. We’re definitely talking about this being the world’s largest flour mill in Jakarta, so that’s a good theory and I think people should stick with it.”

This is a slight difference from the games, which had the virus originate from infected corpses in South America (although this is not explicitly stated).

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