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Dying Light developer reveals more information about his new game


Techland Studio, the developer of Dying Light, revealed new details and information regarding its upcoming game, whose title has not been revealed yet, in addition to an art drawing for the game, which is a fantasy game that will offer an open world experience, which is shaping up to look like a major departure from the theme of the studio’s previous works. .

Where the studio, through its official account, made a website Twitter By posting a graphic of the game with a few lines describing their new project, here is what the studio tweeted:

Our new game is an epic fantasy experience with an open world game ready to be explored. We strive to develop a compelling story-focused AAA title that combines and improves on the best aspects of the gameplay that Techland is known for.

Art teaser of the upcoming Techland title

The artwork you see above shows a figure climbing a tree and looking out over a vast, lush world full of rubble, and there appears to be a broken moon or planet in the sky.

The upcoming Techland studio project did not get a title or even a release date, and we do not know anything about it except for what the studio told us today, but the developer confirmed more than once their desire to make this game present the new generation experience in the best possible way.

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