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Diving into the Loop, the useless tunnel of Elon Musk in Las Vegas


The promise of adventure in the future is actually a five-minute drive through a multicolored tunnel.

Americans have a sense of marketing. The hype around the Loop, the tunnel made at the request of Elon Musk in Las Vegas, testifies to this. Futuristic, unique, an experience to live…. All these superlatives are used to describe a simple road tunnel, 1.5 miles (2.4 km) long in which Tesla vehicles circulate. The visitor, curious, tries the adventure. He is promised a quick trip, two minutes against 25 on foot – probably walking on a senator’s train. Two minutes is not counting the wait to get into one of the Teslas, a wait that can climb to more than ten minutes. To save time, we’ll go back. For the futuristic side too.

The Teslas that roam the Loop are all driven by flesh-and-blood drivers. No autonomous driving here, although the site would lend itself perfectly to the experience. The Loop is made up of two tunnels, one in each direction. The only difficulty, very relative, is at the three stations when the vehicles stop to pick up passengers. The journey has at least the advantage of being fast, in a brand new tunnel, lit by LEDs and which changes color over the meters. Nothing very revolutionary in terms of transport, just one more attraction in Las Vegas and more buzz for Elon Musk.

The inhabitants of Vegas remain them, on their hunger. Some hoped to finally have an alternative transport network to the all-powerful car. It is not so.

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