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Director James Gunn isn’t afraid of working Marvel actors with upcoming DC movies


Director James Gunn has reiterated his stance on casting Marvel in the upcoming DC films, stating that his priority is to find actors who fit the roles better and are easier to work with.

This came in response to a Twitter user’s comments that James Gunn should find new actors instead of using some of the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically the Guardians of the Galaxy squad directed by James Gunn, and not using them in the DC Cinematic Universe.

James Gunn also emphasized that they choose actors with an open mind and focus on hiring actors based on their suitability for roles, whatever their names are. James stated:

We have hundreds of roles to pitch, and as I’ve always done some of them will be brand new faces, some of them will be actors you’ve worked with before, and some of them will be actors you know that I haven’t worked with before. The most important thing is that the actor fits the role and is easy to work with.

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