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Director David Fincher is in talks to complete Mindhunter with a third season


In January 2020, it was announced that the crime and psychological thriller series Mindhunter would not get a third season via Netflix, which upset many fans of the series, so that they feared the cancellation of the entire series, but it turned out that the series is only suspended, but it seems that the director, “David Fincher is on his way to reviving the series.

Where a new report appeared by SmallScreen monitored by the site FortressHe indicated that the famous director “David Fincher” is currently in talks with Netflix to revive the Mindhunter series and complete it with a third season, and the report indicated that it is still very early, but it seems that “Fincher” is more optimistic about this project.

When it was announced that the third season of Mindhunter had been suspended, some rumors emerged that the series was too expensive, in addition to a lot of behind-the-scenes drama, so that “Fincher” revealed that it was partly true, as he had to fire the original series supervisor, and had to personally supervise the series. Filming the entire project.

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