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Diablo 4 beta suffers from long waiting times and server issues


It appears that the launch of the Diablo 4 beta hasn’t been as perfect as some had hoped, as many players logged into the beta servers to discover long wait times and bugs preventing them from jumping into this exciting year.

The beta is now available for early access to those who pre-ordered the full game or earned a code by eating a Kentucky Fried Chicken sandwich, while this upcoming weekend will host anyone looking to get their adventures started early in the open beta.

When taking to Twitter while facing wait times of over an hour, players took the opportunity to warn their teammates and shed light on the situation.

The problem with servers and long waiting times continued into the afternoon. The official Diablo Twitter account recently commented on the issues, saying, “We are aware of issues affecting early access to the Open Beta, resulting in long waiting times and server outages. The team is managing the rate of players entering the game until we can fully fix connectivity issues.”

Blizzard has warned players to expect wait times and not to leave the queue even if they are still stuck on the waiting screen after the usual queue timer has elapsed.

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