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Deadpool’s Tim Miller replaces Eli Roth in Borderlands reshoots


Despite rumors that Deadpool’s Tim Miller has replaced Eli Roth as Borderlands director, the truth appears to be that Miller will only handle a couple of weeks of reshoots while Roth works on another project.

Where says report from Deadline Roth was forced to start work on Thanksgiving, a horror movie based on a mockumentary teaser Roth had previously made for Quentin Torrentino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse.

Deadline’s report said that this Borderlands stance is merely an amicable solution to an issue that arose and in no way meant Roth’s expulsion from the movie based on the game series.

As for Thanksgiving, it debuted in 2007 and longing for a fake movie about a killer who terrorizes a Massachusetts town and only loves Thanksgiving. The show got hugely popular and plans were made to shoot the fake movie, but we’re still waiting for that day after nearly 15 years.

Besides knowing the star-studded cast that includes Jack Black as Claptrap, Cate Blanchett as Lilith, Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Patricia Tanis, and Kevin Hart as Roland, we still don’t have a clear idea of ​​what this movie will end up being.

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