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CES 2023- Baracoda launches B-Heart, a bracelet to connect all watches


Thomas Serval’s group continues to focus its efforts on collecting health data.

Connected watches have their followers and watchmaking has its own. Two worlds that do not always meet, even if the great numbers of watchmaking offer connected models. To make everyone agree, Thomas Serval, the founder of Baracoda, had the idea of ​​B-Heat, a connected watch strap.

This one, which looks like a classic bracelet, hangs on an equally classic watch. It collects the data usually collected by motion sensors: heart rate variation, body temperature, steps taken, it measures the quality of sleep… And since it has no screen, the data is consult on their smartphone.

The main innovation of this bracelet comes from its battery. Or rather the lack of it. B-Heart harvests energy from the human body to recharge. Everything is used: heat, movement, but also ambient light. “We target both the elderly, those who most often forget to recharge connected watches, great athletes and lovers of their watch, who do not want to change it.“Summarizes Thomas Serval. The B6Heart bracelet is available in metal or leather. It will be sold between 100 and 300 euros, depending on the material chosen and in the three classic watchmaking widths.

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