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CDPR re-evaluates The Witcher from The Molasses Flood


CD Projekt Red is re-evaluating the upcoming Witcher game from The Molasses Flood, codenamed Sirius.

Twitter user Game Over Thirty (below) shared an announcement for investors from CD Projekt Red, noting that things aren’t looking right with one of the many upcoming Witcher games, and saying that an impairment fee is being raised by a company to write off depreciated or lost assets entirely. .

What this means for the project is currently unclear, although it is possible that CD Projekt Red will redevelop the game or rework its key elements.

The company has denied canceling the project outright, communications director Bawe Burza told IGN, “Our current focus is ensuring that Project Sirius aligns with CD PROJEKT’s group strategy.”

We will not provide insight into the assessment of the project at this time nor its potential future framework.

Sirius was announced in October last year along with three other Witcher games. The game was in pre-production at the time, two or three years away from the release date at best, and promised to introduce the Witcher universe to an audience beyond fans of the succession series. roles.

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