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Bluepoint Games studio is in no hurry to unveil its new project


Bluepoint Games studio longing for its next game in the greeting card that it sent to its followers to celebrate the holiday season, and despite the insistence of players to know the next game from the team, but this will not happen anytime soon, it seems.

Peter Dalton, from Bluepoint Games, was asked on his personal Twitter account when the team’s new project will be revealed, and he said that his team will reveal the game when the time is right, since all good things take time.

This means that it will be a long wait before we see the new team project, which is supposed to be a completely new project and not a remade game.

While Bluepoint hasn’t officially announced its next game, studio CEO Marco Thrush has announced that the studio aims to work on original titles, Thrush stated:

For our next project, we’re working on original content at the moment, and we can’t say what that will be, but this is the next step in our development, and even with our remakes like Shadow and Souls, the studio was already creating partially original content.

Thrus explained how the studio has grown over the past period, both in terms of the number of employees and even the type of projects they are working on, which naturally leads to this next step.

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