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Bloober Team believes that its future projects will sell more than 10 million copies


Bloober Team is working on more than one project at the moment, including a brand new game in collaboration with indie developer Draw Distance, the developer of stealth game Serial Cleaners, as announced recently. It seems that the Polish developer has great ambitions for the future.

Where Bloober Studio indicated that it expects a significant growth in sales of its games in the future, which was stated by “Piotr Papineau” CEO of the studio, who stated that he expects that their games will sell 10 million copies in the future. Papino said:

The studio hopes to become the leading horror game developer in the industry, a goal it hopes to achieve by 2027.

Papineau continued:

To be the best place to develop horror games, we have to focus on more publishing and have more than one game every year and a half or two years, which is why the second pillar of Bloober’s strategy is based on collaboration with strategic partners.

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