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Atomic Heart DLC will introduce new enemies, stories, areas, and more


After years of continuous development and delays, here is the Atomic Heart game that comes to us from the Mundfish studio. It will finally be launched next month. However, the game developer’s journey will not end at launch. Rather, the game will see the release of four additional content after release and will introduce new enemies, stories, areas and more.

According to an interview with studio founder and game director Robert Bagratoni WCCF TechAfter launch, Atomic Heart will receive four additional content that will expand the game’s content further. Robert stated:

The four additional content aims to significantly expand the player’s experience with new areas, missions, puzzles, and enemies, as well as stories for the game’s characters and world. We plan to significantly expand the open world areas, as well as new complexes and laboratories, where the player will learn more about the world of Atomic Heart and will need to complete new challenges.

Robert confirmed that the entire game experience will be a single player experience and there are no co-op or team missions planned at this time. It was revealed that the four additional content will be available in the game’s $89.99 Gold Edition or the $99.99 Premium Edition, which includes various cosmetic items for several weapons.

Atomic Heart is officially coming on February 21 across PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and will be available to Game Pass subscribers at launch.

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