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Announcing the Aloft cooperative survival game for PC


The Aloft cooperative survival game for PC, set on a floating island, has been revealed, and players can experience the events of the beta, which is currently available on Steam.

Describing the new survival game, publisher Astrolabe Interactive says, “In Aloft, players must survive on islands that float around an eternal hurricane at the center of their world. After building a base and calling one of these islands home, would-be adventurers can equip themselves with sails to travel with the winds even They can discover new territories and collect resources, technologies and equipment upgrades.”

The description continues “Travelers must purge nature of dangerous fungi that pollute plants and corrupt wildlife in order to free and heal the ecosystem. As they progress on their journey of discovery across the skies, players will uncover the secrets of a lost civilization and find their origins by reaching the highest heights of this mysterious new world.”

Aloft also includes a map editor feature, or in this case an island editor, as well as co-op play for up to eight players.

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