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Among Us VR has sold over a million copies


Developer Innersloth announced that Among Us VR has hit a milestone, selling over a million copies, and besides the featured sales, the studio also revealed some other interesting facts about the game.

According to the announcement, since November 10, Among Us VR has been played more than 4 million times, with an average of 44,000 matches played per day. The game also features a player base from all over the world, representing 112 different countries, and 89 million minutes are devoted to various game missions, sabotage and betrayals.

Among Us VR was first revealed in April 2022, and the game, available on Steam, as well as the Meta Quest and Rift stores, maintains much of the same gameplay made famous by the original Among Us.

Among Us VR supports voice and text chat, online play with 4-10 players, and supports cross-play between virtual reality headsets and between different stores.

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