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Alec Baldwin charged with manslaughter over Rust shooting


Actor Alec Baldwin will be charged with manslaughter for firing the gun on the set of Rust that killed cinematographer Helena Hutchins.

According to a report from New York TimesNew Mexico prosecutors announced the charge on January 19 against Baldwin and Rust weapons handler Hannah Gutierrez. First assistant director David Holes, who handed Baldwin the gun, will plead guilty to a charge of negligence with the use of a deadly weapon.

“If any of these three people, Alec Baldwin, Hana Gutierrez Reid or David Holes, had done their job, Helena Hutchins would be alive today. It’s that simple,” Special Prosecutor Andrea Ripp said in a statement.

“The evidence clearly shows a pattern of criminal neglect of safety on the set of Rust. There is no place in New Mexico for locations that do not take our state’s commitment to gun safety and public safety seriously.”

Baldwin has maintained an innocence since the October 2021 incident, saying in December of that year that he did not pull the trigger and had “no idea” how to fire a gun.

There were no real ammunition supposed to be on the Rust set but authorities found five additional bullets at the location after the shooting.

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