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Actor Mark Hamill says he is unlikely to play The Joker again


The actor “Mark Hamill” played many famous roles such as “Luke Skywalker” in the Star Wars films, but many of us believe that the best role for “Mark” is “the Joker” in many Batman series and films, so that he played the same character in the Arkham trilogy of Rocksteady, but it looks like he won’t play that role again.

As we know, the voice actor “Kevin Conroy”, who played the role of “Batman” in all the titles that “Mark Hamill” participated in, recently passed away, and therefore “Hamil” stated that without “Conroy” as “Batman” he does not see himself as “the Joker” yet right Now.

Mark Hamill said during his interview with Empire magazine, which was reported by the website Screen Rant saying:

They would call and say they wanted you to play the Joker, and my only question was, “Is Kevin going to play Batman?” If they say yes I will say I will be there too. We were like partners, we were like Laurel and Hardy, so without Kevin there doesn’t seem to be the Joker to me.

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