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A player can finish Zelda Breath of the Wild about 50 times in 24 hours!


Between scavenging for weapons, fighting bosses, and completing Hyrule’s many side quests, players who choose to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can spend up to 50-100 hours preparing for the final boss. Of course, some players choose to forgo game directives and quickly overtake the final boss without preparation, which is exactly what the player and influencer Player5 did about 50 times in one day.

This past January 15, Player5 managed to beat Breath of the Wild about 50 times in less than 23 hours. You can replay the full broadcast at his Twitch channelwhere he also holds the current Nintendo world game record for the fastest time to finish it.

“I decided to do this in early January, though one of my friends TheRealNoman had the idea about a year ago, so I thought it would be a fun challenge,” Player5 told IGN.

Player5’s fastest time during this marathon was 24:16, with a relatively similar average time of 25:23. However, achieving this exact timing wasn’t easy, he said, “The hardest moment was trying not to get annoyed by the little mistakes I made in the 18-20 hours. I knew I could improve a lot, but the deviation makes everything worse.”

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