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A Persona 3 remake is in the works


Persona 5 Royal was released recently for additional platforms, and Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden will follow in January, but it seems that Atlus still has more in store for it, especially since it was excited today that it is preparing to reveal several new titles, and it seems that Persona 3 Remake One of those new titles.

Where the lolilolailo leak claimed across ResetEra website About the existence of a remake of the game Persona 3 currently under development at Atlus, and this leak has a great record of leaks that belong to Atlus with great accuracy, including the P4G and P3P versions that are available this month.

According to the leak, Persona 3 Remake will be similar to Persona 5 in terms of its graphics and game quality, with changes made to the original game content.

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