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A loophole in GTA 5 locks players’ accounts, and Rockstar promises to fix the problem


Rockstar says it’s preparing a major update for Grand Theft Auto Online to eliminate a vulnerability that is keeping some players away from the massively popular multiplayer game.

An exploit has been discovered [RCE] for the first time late last week, allowing cheaters to effectively corrupt accounts remotely. Players affected by the exploit will find themselves permanently stuck in the Grand Theft Auto loading screen.

The RCE issue has been an ongoing concern in several multiplayer games, most notably Dark Souls, which has seen PvP servers shut down for months due to the issue. Players are currently being encouraged to take a break as the RCE issue can be very dangerous, allowing hackers to do massive damage to a player’s computer remotely.

In an earlier tweet, Rockstar said it was aware of the vulnerability and was preparing a major security-related update, and encouraged players to reach out to the studio’s support page if they encounter additional issues.

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