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A free 2-hour trial of The Last of Us Part I for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers


If your excitement for the game flares up again after watching the first episode of The Last of Us, you should know that PlayStation is celebrating this important moment by offering a two-hour trial version of The Last of Us Part I remake for PS5, for all PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers.

PlayStation Plus Premium is the highest tier subscription to the PlayStation Plus service and costs $17.99 per month. In addition to free trials for new games, subscribers can also access the cloud gaming service, access a growing library of PS1, PS3, PS4, PS5 and PSP games, and save Cloud, monthly games, discounts and more.

The Last of Us Part I is a remake of the 2013 PlayStation classic and is the cornerstone of the first season of the HBO Max series, which we saw the first episode of yesterday, although the show’s staff said it would “deviate significantly” from the original game in some episodes.

Here’s a snippet of our review of The Last of Us Part I:

It can be said that The Last of Us Part 1 is the best possible way to re-live the events of one of the best stories in the industry, even if you had the opportunity to try the game on more than one occasion in its previous version, the situation is completely different this time, the remake offers an unprecedented graphic level, Immersively recreated environments with attention to detail, facial expressions, character models and cutscenes that make the original game look like it’s from time immemorial, improved AI with different battle scenarios, on the other hand, the animations remained the same without any improvements, and the remake was based on the same The gameplay mechanics of the original title, ignoring the improvements seen in the second part, and the most frustrating point was the abandonment of the Factions phase, despite being one of the pillars of the original game.

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