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A former Striking Distance developer confirms that the main developers are not mentioned in the end screen


Striking Distance Studios is under fire for ignoring some developers being mentioned in The Callisto Protocol end screen, and now, IGN’s own reports corroborate claims that key names have been left out of the game’s end screen, and we’ve heard at IGN that this issue isn’t new to Headed by Glen Schofield, the games even date back as far back as The Callisto Protocol.

According to the GI.biz article, the individuals who were removed from Endgame included senior developers, directors, team leaders, and a number of staff members who had worked on the project for over a year and contributed significantly to the game.

“I understand if some have contributed a small amount of work for a few months and then stopped, but we are talking about full-time employees who have worked for over a year on the title, working on important parts of the product, so from there it was surprising,” said one employee, who declined to be named. to many of us.”

One employee we spoke to was included in the cast end screen, despite having been with the company for less than a year from the time The Callisto Protocol was developed, however, they told IGN that “some key people” weren’t added to the final cast list. .

The developer told IGN, “I can tell that two people weren’t added to the list, one, I have a feeling it was because of the drama he caused within the department itself and that’s why he wasn’t added, but the other, I’m shocked because he worked on some key elements and started to Inventing features that are in the game today, both of which were not on the menu at all.”

This former employee suggested that the blame could lie with department leaders, rather than the higher-ups at Striking Distance Studios, like CEO Glen Scofield This source says the high-ups don’t know everyone who came and went from Striking Distance Studios because of the big changes the team is seeing throughout the development period.

However, our second source places some of the blame on Schofield. This former employee says he worked at Striking Distance Studios for over a year and was left off The Callisto Protocol list, and according to this developer, the issues with ignoring some people’s mentions go back to the last few games Schofield worked on before The Callisto Protocol, the CoD trilogy that includes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Advanced Warfare, and WWII.

“I worked with Glen Schofield for a number of years at Sledgehammer Games and I’ve heard similar rumors of people being left off the final casting list for Modern Warfare 3… From my own experience I can verify that people have definitely been left off casting lists for Call of Duty games.”

According to this source, the Advanced Warfare narrative producer “has received explicit orders from Glen and Michael Condrey as to who will be mentioned on staff at the end-game screen, and feels that not being named in Call of Duty: WWII was his greatest insult.

IGN has reached out to Striking Distance Studios for comment but we had no response at time of publication.

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