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9 magical new details from Hogwarts Legacy


bear game Hogwarts Legacy It promises to offer the opportunity to return to the world of magic and explore the famous school during a previously unexplored period in history Harry Potter. Set in the late 19th century, this open-world action-RPG plays the role of a fifth grader who has mysteriously gained the ability to harness ancient magic.

We are back Hogwarts Legacy Navigating a dangerous classroom, from catching up on classes and combing every nook and cranny on the school grounds, to investigating a looming goblin rebellion. Although we expect to find much more secrets hidden in the halls Hogwarts Historic when the game was released on February 10th on PC And PS5 And Xbox Series X/Sbut here we present to you 9 magical details that we noticed during our first experience of the game.

The headmaster of Hogwarts has canceled Quidditch

It is a sport Quidditch Extremely popular non-playable broomstick-based Hogwarts Legacy. But it is possible to fly around a stadium Quidditch fashionable in Hogwarts. While we were walking around the castle, we heard some students Ravenclaw They discuss how Headmaster Phineas Nigels Black (Phineas Nigellus BlackSports ban from the campus. So it seems that we have an explanation for why this sport is not practiced and throwing the balls Bludgers in our spare time.

This also gives us an idea of ​​what we can expect from a manager Hogwarts. We already know Professor Black’s reputation as one of the least popular managers on the books Harry PotterAnd the students certainly noticed how little he cared about his job.

But even though Quidditch is not playable, players can ride brooms to fly around Hogwarts and the surrounding area. Other things like Hippogriffs and Thestrals can also be flown.

We heard some students Ravenclaw They discuss how Headmaster Phineas Nigels Black decided Banning sports from the campus.

What is the goblin planning?

Spin a story Hogwarts Legacy About the escalating threat of a goblin rebellion, which is allegedly led by a goblin named Runrock. The goblins we’ve come across so far are referred to as “the most loyal warriors” (Loyalist warriors) and they fight alongside a faction of wizards who practice dark magic, although some goblins aren’t too enthusiastic about the idea of ​​collaborating with wizards.

Runrock is said to be working with Victor Rookwood, a wizard who seems to be specifically looking for us. And we learned while chatting with one of our comrades about some hunters who were hunting creatures in the area that Rookwood had ordered our arrest. The group also produces goblin metal, something we’ll investigate throughout the story.

Centaurs are not pleased with thieves

We’ve met a lot of magical creatures and races over the years, and we’ll see a number of them in a game Hogwarts Legacy also. Creatures live Centaurs In the woods, as we all know, she’s not the biggest fan of witches. These creatures are disturbed by the number of humans entering their territories, which seems to be happening quite frequently lately.

Dragons are forced to fight

Dragons are huge and majestic creatures that we are used to seeing all over the world Hogwartseither as eggs smuggled in by friendly guards, or as full-grown enemies in tournaments Triwizard. But the dragons we saw during the impressions session are part of a secret dragon fighting ring called Horntail Hall. This is obviously a big operation because the fighting ring is packed with spectators, and we had the opportunity to help free a captive dragon.

The dragons seen during the impressions version are part of a secret dragon fighting ring called Horntail Hall.

Something is wrong with the wildlife

Such magical creatures can be seen Dugbogs on the prairie. Although these monsters are known to attack other animals, and even humans sometimes, a student named Bobby said she noticed that they acted more aggressively. In fact, the other monsters were also acting more aggressive than usual. It’s still not known what exactly is causing this, but Poppy has hinted that there might be something in the water.

Peeves is still annoying

hosted Hogwarts Various ghosts for centuries, and we expect to meet many faces such as Nearly Headless Nick. but include Hogwarts Legacy Also an annoying evil character who is Peeves, which appears in the Harry Potter books and games but not in the movies. that Peeves A mischievous person who thrives on causing trouble, and we saw him disturbing a poor student from a house hufflepuff.

Alohomora is a mini unlocking game

Fans will remember how the Harry Potter characters would frequently say the phrase “AlohomoraTo unlock doors, windows and more. This handy magic has been reimagined as a mini-opening game that requires you to slowly spin two rollers until they are perfectly aligned, highlighted by colorful sparks. We only saw this once during our session but expect it to feature more throughout the entire adventure.

Students know all the gossip

swarming Hogwarts The students are from the four houses, so if you want to keep up with all the gossip, we recommend pausing to hear what some of your classmates are talking about.

We overheard what some teachers were up to, we saw a student getting in trouble for going to a restricted area, and we heard there was some kind of quarrel with Troll early in the game.

Here seems to be a lot of additional information about the world to be gained by just acting curious. Speaking of which, wander the halls Hogwarts Exploring where naughty students shouldn’t go will unlock many side quests that can be engaged around the compulsory classes and the main story.

Hogwarts is teeming with life and secrets

It’s a magical world after all, so expect to see inanimate objects come to life around you as you wander around the castle and its grounds. It is common to see books and manuscripts fluttering over your heads in the corridors, and irrigation tools watering plants in greenhouses. Herbology. You will find while enjoying the splendor of the engineering structure in Hogwarts Few things to interact with, and with countless paintings and other pieces of furniture adorning every hallway, there are bound to be many secrets waiting to be discovered.

Translated by Dima Muhanna

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