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343 Industries will no longer be responsible for the new Halo games


Despite the good critical reception of the Halo Infinite campaign, the multiplayer mode suffered from isolated problems, not to mention the absence of many main game modes for a long time, and it seems that these problems were a major reason for excluding the 343 Industries team from working on future titles in the series.

Bathrobe Spartan was famous for his leaks related to Halo games, and he recently returned with information that may be shocking to some, as he claimed that the 343 Industries team lost a third of its members in the recent layoffs from Microsoft, and that its role in the coming period will be limited to supervising new Halo games.

This means that the American studio is no longer primarily responsible for the Halo series, and reports say that there is a main game and other sub-projects about to enter pre-production, and 343 Industries will only supervise these projects and develop the main engine for the series.

The Halo developer is among several studios affected by Microsoft’s layoffs, including The Coalition and recently acquired Bethesda. Microsoft’s blog says that this decision affects its workforce by 5%, in addition to the 1,000 employees who were let go in October 2022.

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